5 Tips To Better Take Care of Bulldogs

Bulldogs may have adorable looks and wonderful personalities but all those come with a price. Here are some tips to better take care of Bulldogs. Compared with other dogs, Bulldogs have unique bodies and they are prone to an array of health issues.

5 Tips To Better Take Care of Bulldogs

So, we’re giving you a few tips to take better care of your Bulldog.

1. Make sure your Bulldog is feeling cool always.

Exposure to hot temperatures can kill your Bulldog quickly. When the day gets hotter than 82 degrees, it’s time to be concerned. Even for healthy Bulldogs, it’s already a concerning temp so never take your Bulldog out for walks when it gets that hotter than that. Don’t let them run and play too hard. Make sure your Bulldog’s water bowl is always filled with cold water, too.

You must also know the signs your Bulldog is overheating, how to prevent it, and what to do when it happens.


2. Don’t let your Bulldog play in or around the pool unattended.

Bulldogs have short legs and heavy round bellies. Also, they only have a stump for a tail, making them terrible swimmers. Once your Bulldog falls into the pool, he or she will likely sink in seconds.

However, some Bulldogs cannot resist the appeal of the waters. If you wish you to let your Bulldog enjoy swimming in a pool or any body of water, make sure to put a swimming vest on him or her. Remember, never let your Bulldog get out of your sight.


3. Do not let your Bulldog eat too fast.

Some Bulldogs love to chow down food as fast as they could. This makes them prone to chocking. If your Bulldog eats so fast, getting him a slow-feeder is a good idea.

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Also, avoid giving your Bulldog rawhide products, small toys, or anything that can easily choke him.


4. Never let your Bulldog run outside off leash.

Bulldogs may be lazy but they can easily run off when they see something that catches their fancy. They may run off, chase it, and run into an accident.

Bulldogs can also sometimes get stolen – especially in yards without fences. So make sure to keep an eye on your Bulldog whenever he or she’s outside.


5. Look for a vet who has experience with Bulldogs.

Bulldogs are a special breed and they’re health problems are often treated differently compared to other dogs.

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