Adorable Bulldog Gets A Stuffed Toy Girlfriend and Immediately Falls in Love!

This is Gerald! This Bulldog has just gotten a stuffed toy girlfriend and he cannot help but fall in love.

It seems that this handsome Bulldog has been surprised by his owners. A package arrived and Gerald is very excited to open it. To his surprise, it’s a stuffed Bulldog — a pink stuffed Bulldog! Gerald immediately falls in love with it and  decides to make it his girlfriend.

Soon, Gerald takes his newfound girlfriend and bites her on the arm. The Bulldog then proceeds to take her on the sofa. But since the girlfriend is bigger than him, Gerald found it a bit hard to carry and push her up.

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After a few jumps and persistent tries, Gerald is finally able to acquaint his girlfriend with his favorite piece of furniture.

Aww. We wonder what Gerald is planning for their first date. Gotta love Bulldog lovebirds!

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