Adorable Bulldog Puppy Talks To Mom While Resting By The Fireplace!


Meet this adorable pot-bellied cutie! His name is Buddha and that name suits him very well.

Watch as this chatty Bulldog puppy talks to mom while he rests by the fireplace.

Lying flat on his back with his belly up, this sweetheart is having a hearty conversation with his owner.


“Are you relaxing by the fire?” mom asks the little pup.

Buddha responds with an adorable and hilarious puppy bark!

“Arf!” the pup says before letting out another bark.

“What’s the matter?” mom asks.

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Still lying on his back, the Bulldog pup starts to make funny-sounding growls as he paws the air.

Mommy can’t help but chuckle at the pup’s display of silliness and starts to bark as well.

The pup then decides to get up for a good shake – probably to find something else to do.

Mom then tells the funny pup how much she loves him.

Oh, Buddha!

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