Anal Gland Problems in Bulldogs

Anal Gland problems in Bulldogs are not uncommon. Anal gland problems may result to infection causing your Bulldog to feel pain and discomfort when relieving himself.

Anal Gland Problems in Bulldogs

What are anal glands?

Every dog has two anal glands or sacs. Each gland is found on each side of the dog’s anus. These glands are sometimes called scent glands because they make a smelly and oily brown liquid dogs use to mark their territory and be identified by other dogs when they are smelled from behind.

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Symptoms of Anal Gland Problems in Bulldogs

When a Bulldog experiences anal gland problems, he may show the following signs:

  • Scooting,
  • Excessive licking of his rear end,
  • Biting his rear end,
  • Prolonged scooting when defecating,
  • Unusually foul odor coming from his rear end,
  • Swollen or reddish skin in his rear end.

When your Bulldog defecates, the fluid in his anal glands gets squeezed out, too. But when they aren’t completely let out, problems may occur. The anal fluid left inside can become very dry and thick – clogging the sacs’ openings. This is what we call anal gland/sac impaction.


Treating and Fixing Anal Gland Problems in Bulldogs

Anal sac impaction is easy to treat. All you have to do is to gently empty the sacs by expressing them with your fingers. If you’re expressing anal glands for the first time, then it’s best to have it demonstrated by a veterinarian first. If done wrong, expressing anal glands could lead to ruptures and infection.

If your Bulldog has anal sac impactions and presents blood in his stool, then he might need antibiotics as well. If your Bulldog has recurrent impactions, the veterinarian may suggest giving him more fiber.


Preventing Anal Gland Problems in Bulldogs

To prevent anal gland problems with your Bulldog, you must put your Bulldog in a healthy diet with adequate fiber. Make sure he gets enough exercise too. Small and overweight dogs are at the highest risk of anal sac problems.

If your Bulldog gets anal sac problems despite putting him on proper diet, then regular anal sac expression may be necessary.  If your Bulldog doesn’t experience any problem, there is no need for anal sac expression. Just let his body empty his sacs for him.

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