Barkbox for Dogs: What comes in a Barkbox and is it worth it?

Is your pup running out of treats and goodies? Are you too busy with life that you often overlook your pooch’s delights? BarkBox for dogs has treats and chews to reward your pup. These super cute boxes are adorable, but the question is, is it worth it?

Barkbox for Dogs: What comes in a Barkbox and is it worth it?

English Bulldog

What’s in the BarkBox:

BarkBoxes contains a combination of natural treats, super fun and exciting pet toys and chews, and other hygienic products. Further, no BarkBox is the same; each one is inspired by a whimsical theme, with each theme different from its previous one. Your pet will get fresh surprises and experiences with each pack!

Products In The Box:


The BarkBox team uses proficient product tester squad of puppies like Scout (a miniature Schnauzer) to ensure quality treats for your four-leg pooch. All the products are manufactured by using high-quality ingredients and are 100% organic. Besides, all treats manufactured are tested to ensure suitability, safety and maintenance of health standards.

Also, they are free from soy, wheat, corn and contain no fillers or fluffs. Each product is designed to make your pet feel special and joyful every month. Their quirky and unusual themes like the non-alcoholic dog beer named Bowser Beer of June 2013 box, is what makes these special boxes.

BarkBox for Dogs?

This subscription is perfect for pet parents who have wanted something special for their pooch. Also, it’s for the dogs who love enjoys luxurious treats, but get bored of them quickly. My daughter was dying to give a barkbox for our little bulldog.

BarkBox Cost Of Subscription:

This surprise box comes with different subscription options to match the toys and treats according to your pooch’s dietary and chewing needs. Here’s the breakdown of the Barkbox subscription packs:

  • 12 month/ 1 year Bark Box plan is of around $219, which makes over $18/month.
  • The 6-month BarkBox plan is of $114, which amounts only $19/month.
  • Their three month Bark box plan will cost around $72, and the 1-month plan is $29/month.

Understand your plan and then register for the one according to your needs. If you are opting for the 12 month Bark Box, you will have to pay the whole cost up front. Also, apart from the regular monthly plan, you can order additional toys in your box by paying some dollars (approximately $9 or more).

Size Of The BarkBox:

BarkBox comes in different packages and depends entirely on your pooch’s size. The package can be broken into different sizes including:

  • Small BarkBox: These boxes are perfect for the dogs with 0-10 lbs
  • Medium BarkBox: These boxes are just right for pets 20-50lbs
  • Big BarkBox: They are perfect for big and bold dogs with 50+ lbs

Is BarkBox Worth Buying?

Bark Boxes features a solid collection of dog treats and toys to make your pooch feel occupied and happy. The box contains products whose collective cost is much higher than the cost of individual treats. All-in-all, Barkbox offers a good value for the price and you’ll thin, you do not need it every month, but when you see how much your dog loves it, you might change your mind.

BarkBox For The Dogs With Allergies:

Barkbox comes with special treats and packages for the dogs that have allergies. Their hypoallergic dog treats and goodies will also give you peace of mind that your pooch is safe.

These allergy-friendly dog treats contain toys and treats that don’t have:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Turkey
  • Gluten
  • Soy
  • Corn

Boxes For Pups Who Need Tough Toys:

If your dog demands more robust toys, BarkBox has that too! Rather than choosing their original subscription, you can choose tailor-made boxes that come with tougher toys, and has reinforced seams and double-layer fabric. There will not be any soft textures and fluffy treats, however, the sturdy ones will last longer.

If the strong treats are not enough, you can go for BarkBox’s Super Chewer treats. The super chewer box contains two different chews made of material like nylon, rubber and rope, two dogs-treats bags and two chews at only $29 per month.

Are Super Toys Different From Other Toys That Come In Boxes?

Yes! Every Super Chewer toy is manufactured by using innovative technology to make it more durable, sturdy and long-lasting. They are tougher and are manufactured by using natural products that are specially sourced and produced in the USA or Canada. All the treats are interesting enough to make your pooch feel entertained. Super-chewer subscription plans are as follows:

  • 1-monthly plan- 39$/month
  • 6-month plan for $34/month
  • 12-month plan starting at $29/month

Custom BarkBox:

If your pooch wants something tougher than the regular soft toys, the custom BarkBoxes is what you need. The sturdy toys have features like two-layered material, toughened stitching and more.

Some Of The Popular BarkBox  For Dog Treats Are:

Bark Slope Street Fair Barkbox:

It contains fresh fair treats, a cow and two toys which are made in the USA.

Witch Please Bundle:

BarkBox Witch Please Bundle

This amazing dog bundle includes Wagnolia’s cruising broom, double bubble cauldron, bewitching boots, peek-a-boo-hoo with all the toys having BARK authenticity.

Big Eats, Big City Bundle:

barkbox for dogs

If your pup super-hungry is craving for fun and exciting things, this box is for them! It contains Coney Baloney beef hot dog, vertebral pork pizza, steak chews of liberty, central park chicken pretzel, Rudy’s Reuben sandwich and more yummy treats.

Puppy Essentials Bundle:

Bark box Puppy Essentials Bundle

This bundle is a big deal and packs poop bag holder in natural/black color, 6 rolls, travel first aid kit, bacon pocket trainers, bounce ball pouch, probiotic treats and more in just $119.

Barkbox saves you from the hassle of striding roads to find the best treats for your pooch. Moreover, their remarkable customer service ensures high-quality treats. Get the one for your furry pup and enjoy the fun moments with them. Or you can gift it to someone who owns a pet to help them spoil their pooch with love!


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