The Best Bulldog Harnesses For English Bulldogs – 2020

We have always emphasized the importance of harnesses for your dog. This becomes especially important in case of a bulldog. Not only the collars are uncomfortable, they also pose a great threat to your pet. Since the English bulldogs have virtually no neck, they can easily shake off the collar if they find it uncomfortable. Your bulldog will be out of your control before you know it. This stunt can be extremely dangerous if you are out on the road taking them for a walk. We strongly recommend investing in one of the following best bulldog harness to ensure the safety of your loved one.


The Best Bulldog Harness For English Bulldogs – 2020

Dog Harness –

Best Bulldog HarnessEasily one of the most comfortable harnesses for bulldogs, this one comes in an adjustable size which ensures that you do not have to through it out once your dog grows out of it. There are two harness D clips on the top – one comfortable for normal walking and the other one on the front if you’re taking the dog on a run.  If your bulldog needs no pull training then this is the perfect product for you. Check current prices here!

Kurgo Gray & Blue Journey Dog Harness

bulldog harness

This is a great harness with a soft padded center for your bulldogs ever growing belly. It’s tough enough to crest a mountain trail and comfortable enough to wear on your daily walk around the block, the Journey Harness lives up to its name. The broad, padded chest piece and back handle allow for easy control and lifting in tough terrain and they’re made from breathable ripstop fabric so they’ll hold up to your rugged lifestyle. It also has an attachement to attatch to seatbelt harnesses to keep your bulldog safe in the car. Check it out here!

Didog Leather Spiked & Studded Bulldog Harness

Best Bulldog Harness

The Didog is part of the best bulldog harness list, as it is a leather spiked and studded bulldog harness exclusively for people who do not like to keep things boring. Unlike the conventional harnesses in the market, this one is made up of leather. This works perfectly well for something like an English bulldog that looks even more menacing with leather on it. If you’re worried about the material, you should know that it is mixed leather which is also skin friendly. Check current prices here!


PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

Best Bulldog Harness

Probably one of the best designed harness for English bulldogs, the PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness does more than its competitors. To start with, it is designed to ensure that your dog does not choke itself when trying to get out of your control. Secondly, the material is also reflective which makes it perfect if you like to take your dog out during night hours. Check current prices here!

Julius-K9 IDC Dog Harness

Best Bulldog Harness

The Julius-K9 IDC Dog harness is so popular that chances are you’ve already been recommended this at least once before. This ‘certified heavy duty buckle’ dog harness is also one of the best looking ones we have come across so far. It offers perfect ergonomics and also comes with a reflective material like most of the better harnesses in the market. Check current prices here!

Ruffwear Front Range All-Day Adventure Harness for Dogs

Best Bulldog Harness

What if we told you that you’ll never need a dog collar for strapping an ID ever again? Well, the Ruffwear Front Range promises exactly that. It comes with an inbuilt pocket where you can tuck in the tag which is certainly more comfortable for your dog. The features on this one do not come at the expense of safety though. The aluminum attachment rings are also reinforced with webbing which ensures that this harness is built to last. Check current prices here!

Kurgo Tru-Fit No Pull Dog Harness

Best Bulldog Harness

If your dog doesn’t fancy a big design, the Kurgo Tru-Fit will be the perfect choice for you. Chances are your English bulldog won’t take much time to adjust to its minimalistic design. Interestingly, it also comes with a seat belt harness if you want to take your dog with you in the car. Moreover, you also get a lifetime warranty on the product which covers it for manufacturing defects. Check current prices here!

HDP Big Dog Soft No Pull Harness

Best Bulldog Harness

HDP Big Dog harness is designed with big elderly dogs in mind. This makes it the best bulldog harness for your older furry friend(s). It comes with heavy soft padding which ensures that your bulldog doesn’t choke itself while pulling itself away from you. It looks like the more premium harnesses in the market while costing you roughly half their price. Also, our favorite thing about this dog harness is that it is easy to wash and all you will ever need to do is put it in the washing machine with cold water. Check current prices here!

RABBITGOO Large Dog Harness

Best Bulldog Harness

The RABBITGOO large dog harness prioritizes function over looks. It is made up of breathable fabric to keep your dog reasonably comfortable. That essentially means your bully will not try to get out of it as soon as it gets the chance. Other than that, you get all the expected things in this price range which include the reflective material, two D clips on the top, as well as a no pull function. Check current prices here!

Ondoing Dog Harness

Best Bulldog Harness

A lot of dog owners are in the market for the best bulldog harness that proves to be sturdy, but also manages to look good at the same time. If you happen to be one of those people then Ondoing Dog Harness should fit your list of requirements. It is extremely easy to get in and out of, which means it shouldn’t be tough for your bulldog to adapt to. Check current prices here!

Dean and Tyler Leather Dog Harness

Best Bulldog Harness

Another best bulldog harness for your English bulldog is the Dean and Tyler dog harness. It comes with an adjustable fit so the sizes shouldn’t be much of a problem. Plus, it has nickel buckles which seem to be pretty sturdy. These should be able to withstand the force your dog applies when on a walk. This is easily one of the best bulldog harness we have come across in a while. Check current prices here!

Final Words

These were some of the best to include in our bulldog harness list for your English bulldog. Never make the cliché mistake of focusing more on the aesthetic appeal of the harness like most bulldog owners. What you need is a comfortable harness with soft fabric that your bulldog will be able to spend long hours in.

If you aren’t sure about the size then take a thread and circle it around your dog’s chest. Measure the diameter and order the right size. If the measure is between two sizes, buy the bigger one. You wouldn’t want to strangle your dog, would you? The general rule of thumb is that you should be able to put two fingers inside the leash when it is on the dog. Happy shopping!

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