Best Wireless Dog Fence for 2018 – 5 Great Invisible Dog Fence Choices

Dogs are like kids to modern pet-owners. We want them smarter, comfortable and safe. Thus, the best wireless dog fence is a huge asset to assure the safety and freedom of your dogs. I was personally nervous about using an invisible fence. Would it harm my dog? Would it work? After doing some research I found out that if you don’t have fences, an invisible dog fence is both safe and effective…if you get a quality model.

Best Wireless Dog Fence for 2018 – 5 Great Invisible Dog Fence Choices

Best Wireless Dog Fence

Why Use Wireless Dog Fences?

To have the best wireless dog fence is important- it will let you set up a small containment system within your yard.  These systems feature a transmitter that you plug into an electrical outlet and a receiver on the dog’s collar.

The transmitter sends warnings if the animal goes beyond an established radius from the central point. It corrects your dog with a sound, vibration or electric shock. Don’t worry! The static shock is not painful or traumatic. It feels like a cold water splash in the face.

For odd-shaped areas of land, you can use in-ground wireless dog fences. These systems require wiring through the ground in any desired configuration. In-ground wireless fences often come with a wider range than other models.

Top 5 Wireless Dog Fences

PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence

Best Wireless Dog Fence

Are you looking for a completely wireless system for a medium-sized yard? Get the PetSafe Stay and Play wireless fence. This small portable device is easy to carry around. Generally, the transmitter covers a diameter of 44 to 210 feet and a radius of 22 to 105 feet. But, you can add extra transmitters to increase the containment area.

This rechargeable wireless dog fence takes only an hour to set up without causing any installation issue. With some additional wireless Add-A-Dog Receiver Collars, you can add unlimited pets to this wireless fence. The collar takes just 2-3 hours to get fully charged.

The system includes a transmitter with a power adaptor, a receiver charger, and 50 training flags. In addition, it comes with a receiver collar, a contact point wrench, and short and long Contact Points. An operating and training manual will help you set up and use the device in a hassle-free manner.

This perimeter fence enjoys the Amazon rating of 4.2 stars. So, you can be confident in this purchase. Check the current price here!

Key Features:

  • Highly portable
  • Best for dogs 5+ pounds
  • Fits neck sizes 15-58 cm
  • Tone-only mode to alert pets
  • Waterproof Receiver Collar
  • Each battery charge lasts up to 3 weeks

Sit Boo-Boo Advanced In-Ground Electric Dog Fence

Best Wireless Dog Fence

Repel your curious dog from his off-limit zones with this advanced electric dog fence form Sit Boo Boo. Its in-ground design gives you the total control over the desired area. It features the latest IPV7 waterproof technology. So, you can use it in rain or shine without worrying about the water damage. The entire unit is lightweight and compact, and you can conveniently carry it on vacation or anywhere else.

Sit Boo-Boo Advanced In-Ground Electric Dog Fence can cover an area of 20 acres to keep your doggie from trespassing. The weatherproof and entirely submersible collar has a safety auto-off feature after every ten seconds. This feature-rich wireless fence is super comfortable for your furry friend.

The Amazon rating of 4.0 stars and one-year replacement warranty on collar make this wireless dog fence a risk-free purchase.

The system includes a rechargeable collar, test light tools, five different correction levels, 955 feet of copper wire and a helpful user manual. Check the current price here!

Key Features:

  • 100% waterproof and weatherproof
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • 20-acre perimeter range
  • The durable solid copper boundary wire
  • Supports additional collars
  • Ideal for most pets

SportDOG Invisible Dog Fence

Best Wireless Dog Fence

SportDOG Invisible Dog Fence is a top-rated hybrid wireless fence. This highly containment system combined buried wires with wireless receiver collars. Though you need to bury your wire, it’s a one-time task. In return, you get the extreme flexibility to create a custom-shaped fence up to 100 acres of land.

You can purchase a training remote with this containment system. If you purchase the remote, you can vary the discouragement with vibration, tone or shock. Vibration and shock further feature seven varying modes.

The system includes a fence transmitter, wire and flag kit, SPF-R In-Ground fence Add-A-Dog collar, and in-ground fence adaptor. Check the current price here!

Key Features:

  • Wire-break, wall-mountable transmitter to alert you to potential problems within the boundary wire
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Expands to any number of dogs with additional collars
  • Waterproof Collar Receiver
  • Four correction levels and a vibration-only training level
  • For dogs 10 pounds or larger

Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence

Best Wireless Dog Fence

The patented Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select dog fence provides improved communication between the Collar and controller. It creates a circular boundary around the area from 40 to 400 feet in all directions. You don’t need wires at all!

It requires just about an hour to set up the fence. Simply set the boundary distance, program the correction level of the collar and place training flags around the area. It constantly communicates with your pooch’s wireless collar and tracks their location. It corrects your dog in a customized way.

The system includes a controller and removable wall-mount adhesive strips, a wireless Collar. It has two rechargeable batteries and an AC adapter power cord. You will get an instructional manual and a DVD that makes the installation process clearly understandable and easy. Check the current price here!

Key Features:

  • Boundary breach alerts
  • Customizable correction up to two levels
  • A 30-second safety time-out
  • Longest coverage area up to 11 acres
  • A waterproof collar that fits any dog with neck sizes between 12 and 17

Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence

invisible fence

The 100% wireless, Wi-Fi dog invisible fence features the micro-chip transceiver set, used in all modern electronic products. This new technology makes your life, as a pet-owner, very easy. Making your dog fence and keeping them safe is easier than ever before.

The fence connects the Wire-Free Smart Station and Pet Link collar by Transceivers. The Transceiver is a highly-integrated signal chip that provides a better control on your pooch.

The system includes an advanced Wire Free base station, 50 boundary flags, Comfort Contact™ Probes, two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, etc. Check the latest price here!

Key Features:

  • A waterproof collar transceiver
  • High-quality and comfortable nylon collar
  • Most humane contact points
  • Custom correction programming
  • Expandable to multiple dogs
  • Best for long-haired dogs
  • Made in the USA

Words of Caution: Clean your dog’s neck and contact points daily. Never leave the collar around your dog’s neck for a long period of time.

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