Boots McMaster ‘South Carolina’s First Dog’ Passes Away

Boots McMaster, South Carolina’s First Dog, passed away recently due to cancer.

Boots may be from South Carolina but the adorable Bulldog has warmed the hearts of many dog lovers who met him. The 6-year-old Bulldog whom Gov. Henry McMaster treated as family passed away on Sunday morning. The pooch was receiving treatment for lymphatic cancer for several months.

“Sadly, this morning we had to say goodbye to our beloved Boots. Our hearts are heavy, but full of love. Everybody loved Boots. We will miss him greatly,” McMaster wrote in Facebook.

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The late celebrity Bulldog gained popularity in political circles and has even appeared with McMaster in his campaign ads.

Gov. McMaster loved Boots so much he even had his own spot in his office when he was still the lieutenant governor. When he ascended to the governor’s office, Boots came with him. Before McMaster was sworn in as governor, he assured everyone that the Bulldog wouldn’t be a distraction in the State House.

“He has bursts of energy, then he’ll sleep several times a day,” McMaster said. “Often, people will hear him snoring.”

People from in and out of South Carolina have shared their condolences with the governor and his family.

Rest in peace, Boots.

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