Bulldog Catching Raindrops Tumbles On Hammock And Has The Best Day Ever!


This Bulldog catching raindrops is one of the funniest pooches ever!

There isn’t a dull day if you have a Bulldog. Their weird antics, their personalities – even their faces never fail to cheer us up!

In this video, Columbus is having a chill time on a hammock in the backyard when it started raining.


As the raindrops fall, silly Columbus begins woofing!  The adorable Bulldog goes, “Bork, bork, bork!”

He then chases every raindrop he sees and runs towards one end of the hammock causing it to tumble. Determined to chase the raindrops from the other end of the hammock, Columbus tries to climb back up the hammock and tumble it to the other side. Because nothing can surpass the determination of bullies, Columbus succeeds!

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The funny bully runs from end to end, tumbles, tumbles back, then runs back again! This happy Bulldog sure knows how to live life!

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