Bulldog Protects Puppy Sister From Bully Brother!

Dogs are often protective of the ones they love – especially the little ones!

Watch as a Bulldog protects her puppy sister from the bully brother!

The little Bulldog puppy squirms on the couch. Beside her is her grumpy brother who gets more and more irritated by her every move.

But the little puppy really just wants to play! See the pup squiggle and squirm while pawing his grumpy Bulldog brother.


Sadly, big brother Bulldog is not in the mood. You can hear his grumpy grunts every time the little pup touches him!

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After a few warning growls, and just when the big brother Bulldog is about to lunge at the puppy, big sister Bulldog steps in. She leaps on to the couch, puts herself between the warring males and scoots the bullying brother right off the couch.

What an awesome, protective big sister!

What a sweet Bulldog!

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