Bulldog Puppy Makes A Mess In His Room And Acts Very Proud Of It!

This is Chubby! This adorable Bulldog puppy has made a mess in his room and the funny thing is he looks very proud of it!

The Bulldog pup had been left inside his room for hours and since he’s a Bulldog and Bulldogs are the bosses of their own lives, Chubby decided to play with tissue paper and make a mess in his room.


When Chubby’s human mom arrives at home, she proceeds to climb up the stairs and open Chubby’s room. She was delighted to be welcomed by the sweet bully — until she saw the pup’s masterpiece. Let’s say mom had to tell the little Bulldog pup off for the mess he made. But the funny thing is: Chubby’s still in happy and proud mode and cannot be bothered with mom’s words.

“I’m just happy you’re here, mom,” Chubby’s actions say it all.

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