Bulldog Watching Horror Movie Warns Girl About Monster!


Bulldog noses may be short but they can still smell “danger”! Watch as this awesome Bulldog, who is watching a horror movie, warn the girl on TV about the monster!

Khaleesi is having a good time with her humans. They’re watching Crimson Peak and the Bulldog’s full attention is on the TV.

As soon as the Bulldog senses that something evil is about to come, she starts barking at the little girl — warning her about the impending danger.

Bulldog Watching Horror Movie Warns Girl About Monster

Unfortunately, it’s only a movie and the little girl didn’t actually hear Khaleesi’s warning so the evil villain managed to get to the kid.

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But even when the monster there, the brave Khaleesi refuses to leave the poor girl. She barks at the evil monster hoping it will go away!

What a protective girl!

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