Caring for Your Female Bulldog When She Is in Heat 

Caring for your female Bulldog when she is in heat whether you want to breed or not. For this post, we are sharing tips on how to take care of your Bulldog when she is in heat, assuming you do not want her to breed.

Caring for Your Female Bulldog When She Is in Heat 

Female dogs come into heat or estrus mostly every 6 months. They usually start having their heat when they turn 6 to 8 months-old. After that, they come into heat twice a year or every 6 months. Do note that it is not advisable to breed your Bulldog during her first estrus. It’s best wait for her third estrus to ensure that her body and mind is mature enough to take care of a litter. During her active heat, make sure to keep a close eye on her to protect her from an unwanted breeding.


Take Note of the Date of Your Bulldog’s First Day of Menstruation

Take note of the first day you find bloody discharge coming out your Bulldog’s vulva. By doing so, you will have an idea on the heat cycle stage your Bulldog will be in in the coming days. Taking note of your Bulldog’s first day of discharge will also help you predict the date of her next heat, which is after 6 months.


Keep Your Bulldog Clean

During the first two weeks of your Bulldog’s heat, she will excrete bloody discharge. While your Bulldog will most likely clean herself down there, the smell of blood may still linger on her body. Wiping her with unscented wipes should help keep her clean. Do not forget to dry her folds after using wipes on her.

You may also opt to use doggie nappies to avoid getting blood stains on your bed, the floor, or her beddings. If you choose not to put one on her, make sure her bed comes with a washable covering.


Never Leave Your Female Bulldog Alone Outside

When your Bulldog goes into heat, she releases pheromones that smell attractive to male dogs. This means that male dogs may attempt to get into your property when they smell your female Bulldog – even from miles away – to mate with her.

Aside from the potential unwanted pregnancy, leaving your female outdoors could spell trouble including: dogs jumping in or destroying your fences, male dogs fighting over your female, and more. Keeping a watchful eye on your Bulldog when she’s out should eliminate these problems.


Let Your Bulldog Have Her Exercise

Being in heat is not an excuse for your Bulldog to skip exercise. You can get your Bulldog to exercise on a treadmill to keep her in shape. However, if you do not have a treadmill and you prefer taking your Bulldog out for a walk, make sure she’s leashed at all times. You may also use doggie nappies on your Bulldog in case a male dog gets near enough to hump on her.

You may also try masking your Bulldog’s scent by spraying lemon water or commercial masking scents on her tail. But this technique only works when the approaching dog is meters away.

You can also use fun toys to toss around the house. Our sweet Kona loves this beach ball and will chase it all around all day.



Keep Your Bulldog in One Room

Keep your female Bulldog in one room when at home – especially if you have intact males. Keeping her confined in one room lessens the amount of area you have to clean up every now and then. The ideal room should have concrete or tiled floor.  You may choose to confiner her using Baby/Safety gates instead of closing the door so she does not feel alone.

If you choose to crate your Bulldog while she is in heat, make sure to put the crate in area where she can still get to spend time with you and your family. Putting your Bulldog to sleep inside her crate is perhaps the best way to keep her safe at night.


Minimize Contact with Other Dogs or Pets

During your Bulldog’s heat, her body undergoes hormonal changes. This can make her moody so minimizing her contact with other dogs or pets is suggested. Some dogs become a bit more affectionate than normal while some display aggressive behaviors including showing dominance, being pushy, and shouldering other pets aside. These behaviors can potentially cause fights, but they are expected to go away as soon as her season ends.


Be Extra Patient With Her

Your Bulldog undergoes hormonal changes when she is in heat. She may feel a bit moody and get easily agitated. She may also start being whiny, clingy, and restless. Your Bulldog may also feel a bit under the weather during her season and urinate more frequently than usual. This can be frustrating for you an owner. But do note that the behaviors your Bulldog is showing are only temporary.


Let Her Have Multiple Pee/Potty Breaks Per Day

Female dogs tend to urinate frequently during their heat. This shouldn’t be a problem if your Bulldog has a designated pee/potty area inside your home. If she doesn’t, it’s a nice idea to keep her in a room which can be cleaned easily. You may also let her out in the yard but never let her go out alone as male dogs may come into your yard to try and have intercourse with her.


Avoid Bringing Your Bulldog to Parks, Puppy Daycare and Events

Most events do not allow entry to female dogs who are in season. The rule exists for a reason! The scent of female dogs who are in heat could distract male dogs from performing activities and cause them to flock around the dog-in-heat and even fight over her. Same goes for public parks and doggie daycares.


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