Cherry Eye in Bulldogs

Have you seen cherry eye in Bulldogs? Cherry eye is one of the most common eye problems in Bulldogs.

Cherry Eye in Bulldogs

Dogs have something we call the third eyelid. Its function is to protect the eye and help distribute tears all over it. Cherry Eye occurs when there is a prolapse of the third eyelid’s tear gland.

Symptoms of Cherry Eye in Bulldogs

When a Bulldog has a Cherry Eye, a pink to reddish mass will appear in the inner corner of the eye. The cause for Cherry Eye is partially because of the weakness of the connective tissue attachment of the tear gland. This causes your Bulldog’s tear duct to be clogged or blocked and the obstruction causes the gland to swell and get infected.

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Is Treatment of Cherry Eye in Bulldogs Necessary?

Cherry Eye in Bulldogs is not life-threatening but it can cause eye problems in the future. By restoring it in its natural position, natural tear production will be preserved. The appearance of the eyes also will go back to normal hence, lessening your Bulldog’s chance of suffering from tear insufficiency, and corneal and conjunctival diseases.


How is Cherry Eye in Bulldogs Treated?

There are different ways to treat Cherry Eye in Bulldogs. Restoring the glands back to its normal position can be done manually or surgically.

Like most surgeries, the procedure done with Cherry Eye sufferers undergo general anesthesia. The Conjuctival Mucous Pocket Procedure is considered the most successful surgical technique for Cherry in Bulldogs. This procedure creates a pocket wherein prolapsed gland is placed. Then, the surgeon will close the pocket with sutures. Another good surgical method is to simply suture the gland. Some vets and owners also prefer to have the gland itself removed but this is not recommended as this may result to tear insufficiency leaving your Bulldog’s eye dry. And when your Bulldog’s eye gets dry, his cornea may get damaged and he will need eye lubricants to prevent that for the rest of his life.

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