Dog Bakery! 10 Amazing Dog Bakeries You Have to See!

So, your pooch’s birthday is coming up, and you want to do something special. What’s better than a delicious cake to pamper your pup? With so many dog bakeries lined up, it’s difficult to pick one for that special day. But, don’t worry!

We’ve narrowed down the most famous bakeries around you that your pup will go absolutely crazy over. Whether you order online or buy fresh, these delicious treats will ensure lots of full bellies and wagging tails. From simple to a multi-tiered cake, you can find every kind of cake on these bakeries.

Dog Bakery! 10 Amazing Dog Bakeries You Have to See!

Here is the list of 10 amazing dog bakeries you can order some treats for your pup or just check out because they are so much fun.

  1. Three dog bakery, Kansas City, Mo.

Three dog bakery

With a plethora of upscale pastries for pups, Three Dog Bakery is one of the best bakeries for the dog in the country. The bakery is known for all-natural and hand-made bakery dog treats and dog food. Moreover, the treats are oven baked by hand that your pup will absolutely become a fan of. Order here!

Must-try: Dog tacos, “collie cannoli,” “pet-it-fours,” bone sandwiches, peanut cups, hamburger pupcakes, ice cream sandwiches

  1. Naked Dog Bistro

Naked Dog Bistro

Run by the mother-and-daughter team, the Naked Dog Bistro has the most impressive pastries for your pet. With fun and unique pieces, the treats are also for the gluten intolerant dogs. If you are looking for products that aid in the fitness, health and happiness of dogs, this bakery is the one. The bakery is inspired by three dogs, and they bake the treats keeping every need of dogs in mind.

Get there Puppy Scoops for those hot beach days to see your pal jump out in joy! Get your pup’s birthday cake from here!

Not to miss: Palm tree-shaped cookies, bacon cupcakes, peanut butter and carob cupcakes, sweet potato-cheddar “fries,” peanut butter and carob cupcakes, chicken-Parmesan cupcakes

  1. Le Marcel, San Francisco

Le marcel

The bakery has the most pun-laden names for their treats like “Fur” tune Cookie, Muttwich, Muttaroon and Canine Candy. With the most unusual names, the treats are adorned delicately and are so pretty to eat. Their cakes and pastries are just as irresistible. From brownies to doggie donuts and cakes, this bakery is known for pampering your little friend.

Want to send some love to your pooch? Ask for their basket gifts and surprise your pup! Order now!

Must-have: Terriermisu, Pet-it Fours, Canine candy

  1. Pussy & Pooch, Beverly Hills

Pussy & Pooch

Located in Beverly Hills, this place is a whole lot more than a pet store. You can find a grooming salon, daycare, an overnight boarding facility, a boutique, a “pawbar” café and a bakery. Their impressive arrays of decorated cookies are to die for. They also bake and decorate cookies made with CBD for storms, fireworks, crowds and travel. On top of that, they cater too.

If you don’t have enough time and want a cake at the moment, this grab-and-go bakery will be your savior. Click here to order now!

Not to miss: Ice cream cones, birthday layer cakes, palm tree-shaped cookies, individual bundt cakes.

  1. Polka Dog Bakery, Boston

Polka Dog

From traditional hand-made biscuits to dehydrated treats like cod skins, chicken strips and Alaskan salmon chips, this bakery has everything you can dream of for your pup. The bakery is also awarded as the “Best of Boston.”

So, what’re you waiting for? Get the dog treats from here and give your pooch some tail-wagging time. Order the cake here!

Must-try treats: Hand-rolled cod skins, wonder nuggets, hilarious Big Ass Can of biscuits

  1. Woof’s Dog Bakery, Harbor, Ore.

Woof’s Dog Bakery

With about 30 varieties of fresh-baked treats in the showcase, woofs dog bakery’s nutritional food contains no corn, wheat, soy, grain fractions or low-quality fillers. The baker emphasizes holistic dog health. This is one of those amazing dog bakeries that offers a large assortment of fresh bakery items made with human-grade ingredients. Order now!

Must-try: Custom-made cookies and cakes

  1. The Dog Bakery, Traverse City, MI

The dog bakery

The dog bakery offers over 20 different flavors of healthy treats that are bound to impress your pets. Their treats are creative and cute yet healthy. Their treats include Apple Jacks and Thin Mints. These two are to die for. Apple jacks are made with tasty apple and cinnamon while thin mints are made with mint, parsley and carob. Buy the cake now!

Must-try: Watermelon peanut butter cookies, frosted bone-shaped cakes, snickerdoodles, “animal-style hamburger” cookies, “Barkin brownies,” crème pies, barbecue rib and cheese-flavored bone-shaped cookies, carob chip cookies, pawcakes and mini carrot cakes.

  1. Bella Dog Bakery, Indianapolis

Bella dog bakery

The bakery cases are stocked with adorable items like apple spice cakes, adorably decorated cupcakes and gorgeous cannolis. They offer hand-baked treats made with human-grade nutrient-rich ingredients, which are utterly irresistible. You can also try their custom-order cakes that are designed to perfection. Order the cake now!

Must-try: Cupcakes, apple spice cakes

  1. Paw Pleasers, San Diego, California

dog bakery

Finding a bakery that provides both the ice cream and the cake is quite difficult. But, Paw Pleasers has both! Paw pleasers provide non-dairy and lactose-free ice cream flavors like cranberry, peanut butter, and cookies and cream.  With no preservatives, wheat, corn or soy, their treats are fresh baked and custom made. Buy now!

Not to miss: Peanut Butter Yaki

  1. Smoky Mountains Dog Bakery, Waynesville, N.C.

dog bakeries

Smoky Mountains Bakery is another one of these amazing dog bakeries that offers healthy and adorable snacks. From frou-frou macaroons to banana split cookies, the treats are baked fresh daily using 100% human-consumable ingredients with no preservatives. They offer gourmet dog treats, bagged treats and treats by the pound. Their decorated treats are mixed, baked and iced in small batches by hands.

If your pup prefers savory snacks, beef tacos or dog pizza is a must-try. Get the treat here!

Must-try: Banana split cookies and frou-frou macaroons

Ending note: We understand that pups are a part of the family and their birthday is equally special. This is why we’ve made this list of all famous bakeries around you. From pizza to frosted cookies, cupcakes and cakes, you’ll get a fresh-baked canine-friendly version of these treats in all these bakeries. So, what’re you waiting for? Pamper your pooch with these healthy treats now!

What is your favorite Dog Bakery?

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