Fish Oil for Dogs: Pros and Cons of Giving Bulldogs Omega-3 Fish Oil

Are you wondering if fish oil is good for dogs? It sounds like a great idea but what are the pros and cons of giving Bulldogs Omega-3 fish oil?

Giving Bulldogs Omega-3 Fish Oil

Not all fats are bad and there are good fats that can improve your Bulldog’s health, fitness, immunity, weight management, and energy level.


What is Omega-3 Fatty Acid?

Omega-3 fatty acids, which are commonly found in fish oil, are chains of carbon molecules that are formed or linked with single or double bonds. The consumption of essential fatty acids in both dogs and humans is important because the body cannot naturally manufacture these fatty acids. Many health problems in Bulldogs are triggered by too much inflammation in the body so giving Bulldogs Omega-3 fatty acids helps minimize the development of these inflammations by preventing cell membranes from activating.  Examples of Omega 3 fatty acids are Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), Alpha Linoleic Acid (ALA), and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA).


Benefits of Giving Bulldogs Omega-3 Fish Oil

Bulldogs can benefit from using Omega 3-Fish Oil as supplements. Depending on how your Bulldog process fish oil in his body, it can take from a week to 4 months to see the effects in both the skin and overall health of your Bulldog.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids Help Lessen Allergies and Inflammation

Bulldogs are very prone to allergies so giving them fish oil will greatly benefit them. Fish oil helps reduce inflammation in the body.  It also minimizes the severity of different allergies including food allergies, contact/inhalant allergies, insect bite allergies and more.

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Inflammation is seen in different diseases including brain diseases, heart problems, arthritis, kidney disease and autoimmune diseases. This affects the well-being  of the affected dog and could put them in more pain. Giving your Bulldog fish oil can help reduce inflammation, thus helping the pain ease up a little. Fish oil also promotes blood circulation.

If your Bulldog is taking medications for certain illnesses, consult your veterinarian first. Since fish oil is considered a blood thinner, it may counteract with the effects of some medicines.


Fish Oil Can Lessen Dry Skin and Other Skin Issues in Dogs

Bulldogs are prone to skin issues. Giving your Bulldog fish oil not only helps prevent skin issues, it also helps keep the skin from drying. Dogs who are under fish oil supplements are also given lesser doses of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications when being treated for skin issues.


Fish Oil Can Help Boost Your Bulldog’s Immune System

With AHA, DHA, and EPA, fish oil can help improve your Bulldog’s energy levels and boost his immune system. Giving your Bulldog fish oil can help lessen the effects of aging. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils have the ability to lessen inflammation and it deters many degenerative brain diseases. It can possibly reverse brain inflammation in your Bulldogs too.


Things You Should Know Before Giving Your Bulldog Fish Oil

Not all fish oils are good for dogs and it’s best to get one that that is suited for dogs. Fish oil is also considered a blood thinner. This means that fish oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can alter platelet function, which is the formation of blood clots. Platelet function is very important in dog’s bodies as it prevents blood loss caused by trauma. With too much Omega 3 in a dog’s system, it could be a problem. Giving fish oil is also recommended to be put on hold for dogs who are about to undergo surgery. With its anti-inflammatory properties, too much fish oil can slow down the healing of wounds as it lessens the migration of white blood cells to infected wounds or body parts.

Too much Omega 3 in the system is not only a clotting problem. With high amounts of Omega 3, the dog’s inflammatory response can slow down and hinder white blood cells from controlling and killing infections, cancers, and other health issues.

Aside from that, too much fish oil and Omega-3 can lead to vitamin E deficiency. That’s why some fish oil variants contain vitamin E to compensate.



Bulldogs can benefit from fish oil supplements. Fish oil can help lessen excessive inflammatory response in your Bulldog’s body such as skin issues, allergies and effects of autoimmune diseases. It can also boost your Bulldog’s immune system and energy levels. But it is very important to give your Bulldog only the necessary amount of fish oil for dogs to protect him from too much blood loss and infection in cases of accident and trauma and not hinder his body from fighting infections and diseases.

According to the National Research Council, dogs only require 20 to 55 milligrams of combined EPA and DHA per pound of body weight.

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