Fun-loving Bulldog Plays In The Mud And Digs Away!


Watch as this silly Bulldog plays in the mud.

Bulldogs don’t live to please. They do want they think is fun and enjoyable for themselves – and these antics are parts of their undeniable charm.

This Bulldog has found a puddle of mud in the yard and decides to investigate.

Fun-loving Bulldog Plays In The Mud And Digs Away

Armed with her fat paws, the adorable Bully begins to pig and paw the puddle before sticking her face on it.

And of course, the Bulldog’s owner cannot help but giggle at her silly antics. She would look up at her owner for a bit – perhaps showing off her cute and muddy face.

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Then, the Bulldog steps out of the puddle to pee. She then returns to her puddle ready for a second round of digging spree.

There are definitely no regrets for this cutie!

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