Funny Bulldog Behaviors: It’s a Bulldog Thing

It isn’t hard to find a funny Bulldog. Every Bulldog has a very good mix of cuteness and silliness. They are natural clowns, not just because of their appearance but for their acts. Their antics can have you in stitches. Here are some funny Bulldog behaviors you cannot help but adore.

Bulldogs Fart A Lot

This tops the list of funny Bulldog behaviors. Bulldogs fart a whole lot more than other dog breeds. Hearing and smelling Bulldog farts have been a part of owners’ daily lives.  

Sadly, Bulldogs fart a lot because their tummies are sensitive and cannot digest some foods eaten well. Because they are brachycephalic dogs, they also tend to gulp air in when they eat, and this contributes to more gas and farting. 

If your Bulldog’s farts have been bothering you, consider changing his diet. 


They Are Messy Eaters

Their way of eating allows owners to watch many moments of funny Bulldog behaviors. Bulldogs are messy eaters. Although they do not really want their owners to clean up after meals, Bulldogs cannot help but leave a mess after eating and drinking because of their facial structure. Their faces are flat and the flews are saggy. They have to stick their faces on their food in order to eat them! And it can get even messier when they drink. Their flews allow water to spill from their mouth down to the floor!

Because Bulldogs are Bulldogs and we love them that way, there’s nothing we can do but to clean up after them. Just watch and enjoy the way they eat. 


Funny Bulldog Behavior Galore as These Dogs Are Drama Queens

For some unknown reason, many Bulldogs love acting up. Their acts of omission and commission often result in funny Bulldog behaviors. Many of them hate being woken up, and some of them just demand your attention. Most of them sulk when you wronged them – even if you do not have any idea what you have done. These funny Bulldog behaviors are confusing yet endearing at the same time. 


Bulldogs Are Stubborn 

Bulldogs are known for being stubborn and their inflexibility often results in funny Bulldog behaviors. They simply won’t obey a command when they don’t feel like doing it! Their stubbornness should not be taken as a sign of stupidity. They are very smart dogs who would only do anything if they see something in it for them. So, if you want him to go, lie down, sit, or do any command he is trained for, you have to show him a treat!

For some reason, many Bulldogs do not like getting their paws wet. They will often hesitate to go out for a walk if they sense that the floor or pavement is cold or wet. Also, many of them feel no remorse when they do something wrong. Some Bulldogs are even so thick-skinned that they fess up to their own naughty crimes! 

On the other hand, many Bulldogs love playing tug of war and they will always refuse to let go, even when the game is over. What most people see such stubbornness is just determination and enjoy funny Bulldog behaviors associated with. These dogs were bred for bull-baiting after all, so keeping their jaws on things is innate in these dogs. 

Although Bulldogs are stubborn, you must make sure they know who is in charge in the house. Many of us have accepted and even loved Bulldogs and their peculiarly adorable stubbornness. Despite this adoration, it is best to train your Bulldog at an early age and keep him obedient through positive reinforcement. 


Bulldogs Make Funny Faces 

Well, Bulldog faces are naturally funny. But aside from that, Bulldogs, their faces, and silly antics help cheer up people when they are feeling down. They are wonderful listeners and they will do what it takes to keep your mind off your heartaches!  

Besides their naturally funny faces, their personalities can help uplift your mood as well. When they sense your sadness, they paw your hand, kiss you, and perform random silly actions that bring you face to face with funny Bulldog behaviors. This is the reason why these dogs make great emotional support dogs. 


Drooling Adds to Funny Bulldog Behaviors

If cartoon characters who drool put smiles on your faces, then Bulldogs will, too! Well, drooling in Bulldogs isn’t really a behavioral issue. It has something to do with the structure of their faces.  

Do note that not all Bulldogs do this, and drooling can also be observed in other dog breeds, such as Saint Bernards, English Mastiffs, and Basset Hounds. These dogs have one thing in common – their flews are longer and saggier than other dog breeds – and this contributes to drooling. 

However, it is important to wipe slobber and saliva off your Bulldog’s face to prevent excessive moisture that can lead to hot spots, yeast infection, and other skin issues. 


Bulldogs make silly noises

Bulldogs make various pig-like noises. Blame it on their flat faces! It is hard to breathe air in when you have a squashed face.At times, you will hear Bulldogs grunt, snort, or make out-of-this-world sounds that can make you chuckle helplessly.  

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