Funny Bulldog Finally Conquers The Scary Stairs!

The expressive Bulldog has a problem – a very scary one – the stairs! Watch as this Bulldog finally conquers the scary stairs!

This adorable pup’s name is Brick and his owner is coaxing him down the stairs. Brick doesn’t think this is a good idea at all.


The pooch is perched at the top of the stairs looking down. His expression says, “You’ve gotta be joking, I’m not going down there!”

His whines and complaints are too adorable for words. The grumpy Bulldog face says it all.

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After lots and lots of encouragement from mom, the Bulldog gathers his inner strength and cautiously puts his paws down the first step.

“Hmm. This isn’t so bad,” the Bulldog probably thinks before he proceeds to stretch!

What a silly pup!

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