Gluing Bulldog Ears

Are your Bulldogs’ ears up? Are you contemplating on gluing Bulldog ears?

Some Bulldogs’s ears go up on their own and the need to glue Bulldog ears may not be needed. But for some owners – especially those who want to enlist their Bulldogs to shows – waiting for their Bulldog’s ears to go up can be a bit concerning.


Is gluing Bulldog ears a must?

If your Bulldog has not gone up naturally, then gluing Bulldog ears may be needed if:

  • You’re worried about possible ear infections your Bulldog may get,
  • You’re planning to join your Bulldog in shows and is worried that his ears won’t go up.

Dogs with floppy ears are more prone to ear infection due to the lack of air circulation. When moist, the ears make a good breeding for yeast and bacteria, leading to infection. Some Bulldog owners choose to glue their Bulldogs’ ears to avoid this.

If you’re planning to take your Bulldog to shows and conformation competitions, it is ideal that your Bulldog has “rose ears” as it is considered the most desirable. The “rose ear” should fold inward at its back-lower edge. The upper-front edge of the ears should curve over, outward, then backward – thus, revealing the irregular cartilage formation seen inside the ear.

However, if you’re not really into shows or if you aren’t too worried about ear infections – since all you do is need to clean and dry your Bulldog’s ears regularly – then gluing Bulldog ears is not really necessary.


Will Gluing Bulldog ears be painful?

If you’re still thinking of gluing your Bulldog’s ear, you may wonder if the procedure is painful. Some dog owners may get pretty scared of doing procedures with their dog’s ears but unlike Doberman Pinschers and Pit Bulls, Bulldogs don’t need to have their ears cropped or cut. Gluing Bulldog ears is generally painless and only takes a short time to do.


Steps in Gluing Bulldog Ears

In this post, we’ll share two ways to glue Bulldog ears. When gluing Bulldog ears, it is recommended to have a  Bulldog owner – one who as experience gluing Bulldog ears – to help you do it right.


Materials you’ll need for Gluing Bulldog Ears

Gluing Bulldog Ears

Gluing Bulldog Ears

Gluing Bulldog Ears

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Steps in Gluing Bulldog Ears

  1. Trim the fur on the outer side of your Bulldog puppy’s ear using scissors. Be careful not to cut your Bulldog’s ear.
  2. Take the masking tape and cut a piece that will match the length of your Bulldog’s ears.
  3. Align the tape on the edge of your Bulldog’s ear (the part where his fur was cut).
  4. Fold the tape towards the edge of your Bulldog’s outer-inner ear.
  5. Apply superglue on the masking tape on backside on the ear.
  6. Let the superglue sit for one to three minutes.
  7. Fold the edge of your Bulldog’s ear (the one with the tape on it) so that it’s facing downwards.
  8. Fold it again and make sure that both ends of the tape meet. The shape of the ear must form a rose.
  9. Hold your Bulldog’s ear in this position for at least 10 minutes. You can let go once you’re sure that the ears will stay that way even if you let go of it. It is very important that your Bulldog puppy does not shake his head or scratch his ears.
  10. Do the same procedure for the other ear.
  11. Keep your Bulldog’s ears kept glued from 1 to 4 weeks, as needed.
  12. Make sure to check its progress occasionally.
  13. Fix and redo the procedure when necessary.

If case your Bulldog’s ears do not take the desire form after a month, let his ears breathe for a week. Then, repeat the above gluing procedure and keep his ears glued for 3 weeks.

You can glue your Bulldog’s ears up to three times. On the third time, you’ll need another one-week pause before gluing the ears for another week. If the third try still failed, it is assumed that all following attempts will be pointless.  But such cases are very rare and if the gluing is done before 3 months of age.

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