Grumpy Bulldog Makes Funny Sounds As He Protests Against Waking Up!

This is Buddha! Watch as this grumpy Bulldog makes funny sounds as he protests against waking up!

If there’s something Bulldogs love doing besides eating, it is sleeping and Bulldog cannot help but show everybody this side.

The sun is already shining, and his mum and dad are already awake. It seems that dad wants to get up already but since big Buddha is leaning on his head, he cannot simply get up! Dad tries to gently wake Buddha up but the silly Bulldog won’t get up. Not only would the Bulldog refuse to rise and shine, silly Buddha also releases hilarious sounds as if telling his humans that he is not pleased with them waking him up.

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Oh dear. Bulldogs will be Bulldogs! Does your Bulldog do the same every morning?

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