Grumpy Bulldog Puppy Hates Waking Up Early In The Morning So He Decides To Throw A Tantrum!


This is Buddha! This adorable Bulldog isn’t exactly a morning person.

This grumpy Bulldog puppy hates waking up early in the morning and is very vocal in his protest!

It’s time to rise and shine but the pot-bellied pup isn’t keen on getting up.


While still snuggled in the comfort of the duvet, this pup definitely doesn’t want to wake up just yet.

Dad tries to make the pup’s morning a bit brighter but Buddha isn’t having any of it.

The pooch makes hilarious growls and barks as a protest.

Dad even bribes the sleepy pooch with cheerios but all he gets in return is a surprise puppy attack.

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The pup then tumbles around on the soft bed before proceeding to face mom.

Smitten by the pup’s charm, mom gently pushes the young pup back on his back.

“No, you don’t mess with the Buddha,” the hilarious pup growls.

The pup eventually concedes and attempts to give dad some kisses!

How cute!

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