Grumpy Bulldog Throws A Tantrum After Another Dog Steals His Bed!


In this hilarious video, a grumpy Bulldog throws a tantrum after another dog steals his bed.

The Bulldog loves his bed – it’s soft and comfy, and close to the window too! The Bulldog can sunbath and has a good view of his property.


His canine buddies have stolen his bed and the Bulldog is extremely unhappy!

Releasing angry grunts – Grrrr! Grrr! Grrrr – the Bulldog makes his feelings known! The pooch sure sounds funny!

Most of his discontent is directed at the Corgi mix – he wants the pup to leave his spot immediately! The Bulldog does not seem to mind the Poodle peacefully sleeping on his bed.

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The Bulldog grunts and grunts and turns to his owner for help when the Corgi mix refuses to listen. He makes another attempt at shooing the Corgi mix away with a few more hilarious grunts.

Eventually, the other dog gets the message, and relinquishes the Bulldogs treasured spot on his bed! Victory is sweet!

Moral of the story? If at first you don’t succeed – grunt until you do!

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