Hilarious Bulldog Drools Over Dad’s Cheeseburger! That’s A Lot Of Drool!

Watch as this hilarious Bulldog drools over dad’s cheeseburger!

Bulldogs have been known as notorious droolers.

Not all Bulldogs are slobbery but some of them drool — a lot.

In this video, one female Bulldog is caught in a mouth-watering situation with dad.

The Bulldog is sitting in the car with his dad, who’s holding a cheeseburger sandwich in his hands.

Hilarious Bulldog Drools Over Dad's Cheeseburger

She wants a bite. No, perhaps she wants the whole sandwich to herself.

The Bully tries to makes her puppy dog eyes work but no to avail.

Dad just keeps teasing her and her saliva just keeps flowing from her mouth.

Poor girl.

Daddy, perhaps you can give her some treats instead?

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