How Much Water Does A Bulldog Need to Drink Each Day?

How much water does a Bulldog need to drink each day? It seems that Bulldogs are always panting and as owners, sometimes we cannot help but worry and wonder if they’re feeling thirsty or if they need more drinking water than what you give them. How much water does a Bulldog need anyway?

On average, a normal and healthy dog has to drink 0.5 to 1 oz. per pound of his or her body weight daily. This means that a 44-pound Bulldog needs 22 to 44 ounces of water per day. However, there are other factors to consider in altering the amount of your Bulldog’s water intake.

Altering The Amount of Your Bulldog’s Water Intake

To determine whether your Bulldog needs 22 ounces, 44 ounces or somewhere in between depends of the following:

Climate and Weather – It’s only natural for dogs to drink more water on hot days compared to winter days.

Food – If your Bulldog eats dry kibble, then he or she will need to drink more water compared to dogs who eat wet or raw food.

Activity – Well, let’s face it, most Bulldogs love sprawling lazily everywhere but this does not mean they cannot be active at times. Your Bulldog will need more water after running around, swimming, or doing other exhausting activities.

Health– If your Bulldog is suffering from a medical issue, your veterinarian may advise you to increase of lessen your Bulldog’s water intake.

Weight and Age– The larger and older the Bulldog, the more water he or she needs. Always make sure to spread the intake over the day.

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How to Know if your Bulldog is Dehydrated

Check Your Bulldog’s Skin

The best way to know if your Bulldog is hydrated or dehydrated is to check his or her skin – particularly its elasticity. To do this, pinch the skin on your Bulldog’s neck, pull it and stretch it up and outwards before letting go. Observe carefully how the skin moves. If the skin snaps back quickly to its original position, it means your Bulldog is hydrated. If it didn’t or if it remained wrinkled, it means your Bulldog needs more water.

Check Your Bulldog’s Gums

There is another way to know if your Bulldog is hydrated enough or not. Open your Bulldog’s mouth and run your finger over his or her gum. If the gum is very wet, then he is hydrated, but if it’s sticky or dry, then your Bulldog needs to drink more water.

Another way to find out if your Bulldog is hydrated or not is by pressing his or her gum to force the blood out and make it look pale. Look closely at your Bulldog’s gum and release the pressure. If the blood rushes back quickly, then your Bulldog has been drinking adequate water.

What If Your Bulldog is Drinking Too Much Water

Dogs know when to stop drinking but if your Bulldog is drinking too much water, something could be wrong. When a dog drinks too much water, it could be because he or she has an underlying health condition that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Excessive water intake can be a symptom of some diseases like pyometra (for female dogs), diabetes, or liver/kidney issues.

How to Make Your Bulldog Drink More Water

If your Bulldog is dehydrated and is refusing to drink enough water, then you must do something to encourage him or her to drink more.

Reward Your Bulldog for Drinking

Teaching your Bulldog to drink on command should help. Use the command “drink” and give him water. Once your Bulldog drinks water from the bowl you give him, praise him and give him a treat (like the ones below) as a reward.

How Much Water Does A Bulldog Need to Drink Each Day?

Zuke’s Lil’ Links Dog Treats

How Much Water Does A Bulldog Need to Drink Each Day?

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Use Flavoring on Your Bulldog’s Water

If your Bulldog does not really like drinking, mixing flavoring with his drinking water may help encourage him to gulp more. There are water flavorings available in pet stores.


Mix Your Bulldog’s Food with Broth

You can mix chicken (or any meat your Bulldog is not allergic to) broth with your Bulldog’s regular food. You can even mix some vegetables in the broth to make it healthier.

How Much Water Does A Bulldog Need to Drink Each Day?

Swanson Natural Goodness Chicken Broth

Change Your Bulldog’s Diet to Raw or Wet Food

If your Bulldog eats dry kibble, then switching his diet to wet food or raw food will help him or her receive the amount of water he needs.

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