How to Stop Your Bulldog From Eating Too Fast

Bulldogs love their food too much and if they could, they would gobble all their meals in one gulp. In this post, we’ll discuss how to stop your Bulldog from eating too fast.

How to Stop your Bulldog From Eating Too Fast

Eating too fast can be bad for your Bulldog’s digestive system. As a breed, they are already prone to gas and flatulence so speed eating can make it worse. The faster your Bulldog eats, the lesser he chews so basically, he’s just chugging down all the food he can consume.

Risks Of Eating Too Fast in Bulldogs

Eating too fast is generally harmless, but it comes with some risks and your Bulldog may experience the following:

  • Flatulence or gas,
  • Too much burping,
  • Stomach ache,
  • Vomiting,
  • Likeliness to choke,
  • Increases the chance of bloat.

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Stop Your Bulldog From Eating Too Fast

Here are different ways to stop your Bulldog from eating too fast:

  • Give your Bulldog small portions of food at a time and re-fill a minute or two after he finishes. It may take meal time longer but it’s best for your Bulldog.
  • Separate his meal into 5 bowls.
  • If your Bulldog is eating kibble, then putting a ball in the food can help him slow down.
  • Get a slow-feeder. There are food bowls available in the market that will help you deal with your fast-eating Bulldog

How to Stop Your Bulldog From Eating Too Fast

Aside from slowing down your Bulldog’s munch time, it is also very important to let your Bulldog rest 20 minutes after his meal time to give his stomach ample time to digest his food.

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