How to Treat Your Bulldog When Leaving and Arriving Home

Do you want to know how to treat your Bulldog when leaving? Leaving is not as simple if you have an overly-attached Bulldog and it can be quite a challenge for your heart too – but you have to!

Leaving your Bulldog home alone is inevitable. If done wrong, your Bulldog may develop many unwanted behaviors that he could retain until adulthood. Your Bulldog may develop separation anxiety that can lead to undesirable behaviors such as excessive barking,  destructive behaviors, aggression and anxiety.

Here are some ideas on how to treat your Bulldog when leaving and arriving home.

Do not be emotional

Let’s face it. It can be quite hard to leave your Bulldog all alone but it does not mean we should let our guilt get ahead of us. Petting your Bulldog and telling him or her you will be back in an emotional way will only let your Bulldog know that you are leaving without him.


Be calm and just leave

By doing this, you aren’t giving your Bulldog any signals about leaving. This will make him more comfortable and settle for what he is doing at the moment.

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Do not smother your Bulldog with love as soon as you arrive home

Also, refrain from smothering your Bulldog with love and giving him special treats as soon as you enter the house. This can turn on your Bulldog’s psychological alarm clock whenever you come home and this will lead to him or her to anticipate the time you come home. This anticipation can then turn into frustration that may develop into unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking and destructiveness.


Greet your Bulldog simply

We know it’s hard to contain your excitement when you are coming home to such a wonderful Bulldog. But, it is better to give him or her a simple tap on the head when you arrive home instead becoming overly-excited about seeing him. Your Bulldog can pick up your energy and if you are too excited, you can put your Bulldog on the edge of emotional collapse.

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