Inducing Vomiting in Your Bulldog: When And How

Inducing vomiting in your Bulldog can be life-saving especially when he ingests poisonous substances. There are over 100,000 cases of pet poisoning reported in the United States each year. So, knowing the basics of how to make your Bulldog vomit in urgent situations is an essential part of pet care.

The ingestion of certain medicines, pesticides, poisonous plants, and home disinfectants can make your Bulldog sick. Even food items that you think are harmless, such as grapes, “sugarless” sweets, and avocado can put your Bulldog’s health and life at risk. The intake of any of these harmful items can make your Bulldog suffer from neurological and GI issues, respiratory distress, and heart problems that could lead to coma and death. Inducing vomiting in your Bulldog is the best way to save his life.


Is it acceptable to induce vomiting in your Bulldog?

No doubt inducing vomiting in your Bulldog is the first line of treatment to help your dog get rid of poisonous substance ingested. However, many argue that owners should avoid forcing Brachycephalic dog breeds, such as Bulldogs, to vomit. They cite the potential threat of respiratory distress.

However, your dog may face threat to his life if the poisonous substance ingested spreads inside the body. The only way to save your pet is to help him get rid of the harmful stuff. There is no other way to do it quicker than making your Bulldog vomit.


Inducing Vomiting in Your Bulldog: When Should Your Try

It is not always a good idea to make your Bulldog vomit, especially because the breed is predisposed to respiratory issues. Only make your Bulldog vomit if

  • the item or food swallowed is poisonous
  • the item was ingested less than an hour ago
  • your bulldog is not showing signs of poisoning yet

Avoid inducing vomiting in your Bulldog if he is unconscious or having unusual breathing issues. Again, vomiting may turn perilous if the substance swallowed is oil, corrosive, or has sharp edges. Unconscious dogs and dogs having seizures must not be forced to vomit. If your Bulldog has megaesophagus, laryngeal paralysis, or similar health issues, never try to make him vomit.

Check the container of the substance ingested. Do not induce vomiting if the information printed on the container advises against it.


Inducing Vomiting in Your Bulldog: Step-by-Step Instruction

You can give your Bulldog 0.5 to 1 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide per pound of his body weight. But you should not give a dog more than 45ml at any one time.  Even if your Bulldog weighs 50 lbs or more, you must limit it to 45ml at a time.

Follow these steps while inducing vomiting in your Bulldog.

  1. Check the weight of your Bulldog.
  2. Prepare the amount of hydrogen peroxide suited for your Bulldog.
  3. Using a needleless syringe, squirt the hydrogen peroxide very gently into your Bulldog’s mouth – ideally from the sides of his mouth to avoid choking.
  4. Wait for your Bulldog to vomit.
  5. If your Bulldog does not vomit within 15 minutes, give him another dose of hydrogen peroxide one more time and call your veterinarian. If you are from the United States, you may also call either of the following:
    1. Pet Poison Helpline – 855-764-7661 (charges a $59 per incident fee)
    2. ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center – 888-426-4435 (a $65 consultation fee may apply)
  6. Once your Bulldog vomits, take a sample of the vomit.
  7. Take your Bulldog and the sample to the veterinarian.


Things To Do After Inducing Vomiting in Your Bulldog

A visit to the veterinary clinic is a must after you make your Bulldog vomit. Bulldogs have an elongated palate and trying to make them vomit puts them at the risk of pneumonia. An evaluation by the vet after the incident makes sure that your pet suffered no respiratory problem after the incident and if there is any, the issue is attended to immediately.

Tests are often done to ensure that all or most of the poisonous object or substance had been let out, and see if the poison has caused damage to any organ. Activated charcoal is sometimes given to help flush out residual toxins left in your Bulldog’s body.

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