Interdigital Cysts in Bulldogs

Interdigital Cysts in Bulldogs can be pretty common. Interdigital cysts are growths that can develop between your Bulldog’s toes. But what are the causes of interdigital cysts in Bulldogs and how are they treated?

Interdigital Cysts in Bulldogs

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Causes of Intedigital Cysts in Bulldogs

Interdigital cysts have different causes and it may be caused by the following:

  • Fungus,
  • Ingrown hair,
  • Staphylococci bacteria,
  • Blockage of a sebaceous gland,
  • Or penetration of the skin by a foreign object.

Signs of Interdigital Cysts in Bulldogs

A Bulldog with Interdigital Cysts may have the following:

  • Pigmentation of the skin between the toes,
  • Bumps or swelling in the webbed area of the dog’s toes,
  • Oozing fluid or pus from the bump,
  • Excessive licking of the feet.

Treating Interdigital Cysts in Bulldogs

Never puncture the cysts on your own as it can lead to infection. The treatment of Interdigital Cysts in Bulldogs and any other dogs begins with identifying the root cause of it. If the cysts are caused by a foreign object, then that object must be removed first. Sometimes this will require surgery.

For other causes, medical treatment for this condition usually involves using corticosteroids like Prednisolone. If the cysts do not go away with medication, your veterinarian might recommend excision off the swellings.

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