Is a Bulldog the Right Breed for You?

Before you decide to adopt a Bulldog, perhaps you should consider the characteristics you are looking for in a dog. Is a Bulldog the right breed for you?

Do you need a furry companion that will accompany you on hiking trips and will go jogging with you every Saturday morning? If so, you better move on to another breed. Bulldogs are sweet and laidback dogs that will give you company on lazy Sunday mornings. They are loyal pets that are known for their courage and friendly demeanor. Here are some common traits of Bulldogs that will help you decide if they are the right dog breed for you:

Indoor Pets

Bulldogs are among the most popular dog breeds in the world because of their laidback and relaxed nature. Since Bulldogs do not require much exercise, they make perfect pets for people who live in apartments. Bulldogs are prone to suffer from heatstroke and cannot be left outside for long periods of time. Pet owners should ensure their homes are properly air conditioned in the summer if they plan on adopting a Bulldog. If the weather gets too hot, ensure their water bowls are always filled to the brim.

Friendly Demeanor

Bulldogs get along with practically everybody, from kids to other house pets. Most dog breeds cannot tolerate other house pets. Fortunately, Bulldogs will adapt to any environment as long as you expose them to early socialization. Introduce your pet to changing environments, shapes and people from a young age so they grow up to be well rounded and friendly. These dogs make great family pets and will ensure your kids do not get into mischief. Bulldogs are happy to spend time with children but it is advised you monitor your child’s playtime to ensure they do not mistreat the dog.

Easy to Groom

Rest assured, unlike long-haired dog breeds, Bulldogs have fine and short hair that is generally easy to groom. Though Bulldogs are shedders, your house carpets and rugs will remain hair safe as long as you vacuum daily. Brush your pet’s fur a few times a week to keep their coat shiny and to prevent excessive shedding. Pay special attention while washing your dog’s fur as Bulldogs have wrinkles that may serve as breeding ground for bacteria.

Bulldogs are the perfect dog breed for people who cannot spend much time and money on grooming their pets. Additionally, since Bulldogs are not prone to excessive shedding, people who suffer from allergies can opt for this breed as well.

Low Exercise Requirements

Bulldogs are prone to heat strokes and have low exercise requirements. While the dog might enjoy occasional walks and trips to the park, they are best suited indoors, making this breed a popular choice among pet owners who do not have the time to take their dogs out for regular walks or simply would like to spend their days indoors sitting on the couch. If you need a couch potato buddy that will keep you company while you watch TV, a bulldog might be the right choice for you.

Fairly Independent

Unlike other dog breeds, Bulldogs are not demanding and will remain happy even if you leave them alone for a couple of hours. However, if left alone for numerous hours, Bulldogs are prone to becoming destructive. While they do not typically beg for the attention of the owners, they require physical and mental stimulation to keep themselves entertained. Consider your schedule before getting a dog. If you live alone and hardly spend any time in the house, you should think twice before getting any pet at all.

Peaceful Pets

Bulldogs are calm and peaceful pets and will not get in the way of your daily activities as long as they are fed and looked after properly. Unlike other dog breeds, Bulldogs do not have a barking problem and remain considerably silent unless they are deprived of their needs. However, because Bulldogs are short-nosed, they tend to snore in their sleep, which might be a problem for pet owners who have trouble sleeping at night and are sensitive to noise. Bring home a Bulldog if you are looking for a pet that is not too demanding or fussy. These loyal creatures are sure to become the perfect addition to your home.

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