Jealous Bulldog Puppy Kicks Cat Off The Couch!


A little wrinkly puppy isn’t very happy about what’s going on in his house!

Furgo the Bulldog puppy is very jealous of the house cat!

Charlie, an orange kitten, has taken over dad’s lap and Furgo is sulking about it.


See the Bulldog pup sulk in the background while his feline brother enjoys snuggling in the warmth of their owner’s lap.

Poor Furgo! His puppy dog eyes and longing stares will make you giggle and feel sorry for him at the same time!

Furgo watches the cat getting all the loving for a little. Eventually, he can’t take it for a second longer and decides to take action.

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The Bulldog puppy walks up to the cat and kicks him in the butt!

Tap! And off the cat goes!

Take that cat! All’s fair in love and war!

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