Kitchen Gate Can’t Keep Bulldog Puppy Away From Food!


This funny little pup takes determination to a whole new level!

Not even a secure kitchen gate can keep this cute Bulldog puppy away from food!

Most dogs’ primary motivation can be summed up with four letters – F O O D. They just love the nice aroma, tasty smell and wonderful taste of munchies.


And this puppy – named Porkchop – is no different! But the little Bulldog has more grit than most – he spots his target and goes for it with everything he’s got!

Porkchop’s owner would often come home to find that his food-loving puppy had escaped into the kitchen, even though the pet gate was intact.

Bewildered, he set up an experiment and recorded the whole thing!

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The single-minded puppy paws under the fabric of the gate trying to get to the tasty treat, but his stubby little legs are just not long enough.

But Porkchop remains in high spirits! He knows he’ll get his food no matter what!

The puppy then squiggles and wriggles his way under the kitchen gate until he manages to get to the other side and chomp on the food!

Oh Porkchop! Your name suits you well!

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