Popsicle-Loving Bulldog Is Ice Cream Man’s Most Loyal Customer

This is Rambo! This popsicle-loving Bulldog is the ice cream man’s most loyal customer!

Rambo is turning 3 years-old and like any kids his age, he just cannot resist ice cream and popsicles! Like anyone turning three years old, Rambo spends lots of time thinking about ice cream. Luckily, the spoiled-rotten Bulldog from Huntsville, Alabama has an awesome dad who lets him have it anytime he wants – and he doesn’t even have to ask permission.



“This dog always gets ice cream from me while the owner is watching,” Akins Luwoye, the ice cream man told WAAYTV with a chuckle.

The ice cream addict pooch can barely reach the counter of the truck but his lack in height never stopped him from pursuing his dear popsicle and he just cannot get enough.  Luwoye says Rambo has been a very loyal customer since last year.

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“Rambo was all excited out of nowhere,” explains human dad and popsicle-financer Ashish Silwal, “and I was like, Okay, let’s go get some Popsicles, and next thing you know he’s jumping in the truck.”

Since then, Rambo likes sitting by the window – listening and waiting for the truck’s music everyday.

And he’s got quite an attitude too! Rambo’s owner says he is always “like give me my ice cream, my dad will pay you.” The spoiled Bulldog also gobbles ice cream and chomps on popsicles like a champ. It would have been nice if he would offer dad some but he doesn’t like to share. And because he’s a Bulldog and he knows he’s the boss, he probably disregards the line and just goes straight in front to bark at Luwoye for his ice cream.

Oh Rambo!


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