Silly Bulldog Won’t Let Brother Go For A Swim! Funny Bulldog Video!


Bulldogs have the funniest personalities and antics! In this video, a silly Bulldog won’t let her brother go for a swim!

It’s a nice day for sunbathing and swimming, and one excited Bulldog wishes to beat the heat by dipping in the pool. With his swimming vest on, the Bulldog is ready to go!

Suddenly, his Bulldog sister decides to stop him from having fun.

Silly Bulldog Wont Let Brother Go For A Swim

The hopeful Bulldog is about to paddle away when his sister bites the handle of his swimming vest and pulls him out of the pool.

But he’s adamant about swimming! He starts a cute mini-brawl against his sister and tries to pull himself away from her clutches.

Will he ever get to enjoy swimming? We guess not anytime soon.

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