Skunk Spray Remedy: What to Do If Your Bulldog Has Been Skunked?

What should you do if your Bulldog has been skunked? A skunk spray remedy you can make in your own home can get rid of the nasty smell!

Bulldogs can be curious every now and then. During their explorations, they may have a few unpleasant encounters including a skunk!

Dogs like following scents and we’d like to think they like nasty ones. But that isn’t always true. Dogs do not really like the smell of skunk spray. In fact, they hate it as much as we do.

The bad thing about skunk spray is that: the scent is stubborn, and it can stick to objects, people, and animals it was sprayed to. The nasty smell can be very hard to remove, and regular soaps do not really work effectively to remove it. Luckily, there is a solution you can make to get rid of the scent!

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Making A Skunk Spray Remedy

If your Bulldog happens to get skunked, this skunk spray remedy will help you get rid of the stench effectively.  To make one, you will need to mix following ingredients:

  1. 2 teaspoons dishwashing soap,
  2. 1 quart Hydrogen Peroxide (3%),
  3. ¼ cup baking soda.

Do not let your skunked Bulldog get inside the house without washing him with the skunk spray remedy. Doing so will only let make your home smell like skunk spray and it can linger even after washing your Bulldog.

For the bath, hose your Bulldog with water. Apply the skunk spray remedy solution on his fur. Lather and let the solution sit for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. The skunk spray scent should be gone immediately.

If you happen to let your Bulldog in before washing, mix water and apple cider vinegar in a pot and let it simmer for 30 minutes. The skunk smell should go away after that.


How Does Skunk Spray Remedy Work?

This solution can remove the smell so fast, and you’re probably wondering how it works.

According to Mythbusters, “The oxygen molecules in the soapy solution neutralized the skunk scent by bonding to those terrible thiols. By altering that chemical makeup, this stink-fighting antidote made the smell quickly disappear.”

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