Sweet Girl Shares Ice Cream With Her Bulldog!

Young kids and dogs make the best tandems – and they’re the sweetest bunch too!

In this video, a sweet girl shares her ice cream with her Bulldog buddy!

Sweet Girl Shares Ice Cream With Her Bulldog

The adorable video captured in Goshen, New York shows young Erin and her Bulldog buddy, Harvey, enjoying a car ride.

The sweet girl can be seen holding a cone of ice cream in one hand while the Bully looks at it, hoping he’ll get to lick it.

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The sweet kid then leans over to Harvey and offered him the ice cream. And of course, the Bulldog happily licks it! After a few licks, the sweet girl pulls the back and returns to scoffing her ice cream.

This video will probably receive mixed reactions. Some may find it adorable and some may find it unhygienic.

But we can’t help but admire the girl’s innocence. She only wants to share. <3

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