Taking Care of Bulldog Wrinkles

Bulldogs aren’t Bulldogs for their unique looks and personalities and those Bulldog wrinkles are sure part of their charm.

But just as much as we adore Bulldog wrinkles, they need to be properly cleaned and taken care of.  If neglected, those folds can get infected causing pain and itchiness in your Bulldog.


Products you can use for Bulldog wrinkles

Taking Care of Bulldog Wrinkles 1

To clean Bulldog wrinkles, it’s a good idea to keep various products ready. Here are some products you should have:

  • Cotton balls,
  • Q-Tips,
  • Baby oil,
  • Alcohol-free wet wipes,
  • Dog soap or shampoo,
  • Clean clots,
  • Petroleum Jelly,
  • Cornstarch powder,
  • Antibiotic ointment,
  • Zinc Oxide ointment,
  • And medicated skin powder.

You won’t use all these products every time you clean your Bulldog but they may come in handy in case you see problems in your Bulldog’s wrinkles.


Everyday Care for Bulldog Wrinkles

Bulldog wrinkles must be cleaned daily. You can simply wipe your Bulldog’s skin with a soft cloth or cotton dipped in warm water.

If your Bulldog’s wrinkles have more dirt than usual, you may use a bit of his or her dog shampoo or soap and mix it with water to clean the skin thoroughly. Make sure to rinse your Bulldog’s skin as leaving it could lead to infection or irritation.

Wet wipes with lanolin and aloe vera make good cleaners too. It’s easy to use, gentle on the skin, but very effective in wiping off dirt and grime.

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Make sure to pat dry your Bulldog’s skin as any moisture left can cause irritations or build-up of bacteria. However, if your Bulldog’s skin got a too dry, it can also lead to rashes, itchiness, and infection. To prevent this from happening, you may rub a bit of petroleum jelly in his or her folds.

Do not forget to clean and dry your Bulldog’s deep nose wrinkle as the area collects the most dirt. You can use a mild ointment on this area.


What to do about infected Bulldog wrinkles?

Taking Care of Bulldog Wrinkles 2

Infection in Bulldog wrinkles can be painful. Signs of infections include:

  • Inflammation,
  • Redness,
  • Itchiness
  • Sticky discharge,
  • And unpleasant odor.

In case your Bulldog’s wrinkles are infected, it’s best to take your Bulldog to the vet. Cleaning the infected Bulldog wrinkles can be difficult and it’s best to deal with it fast that let your Bulldog feel discomfort.

Veterinarians usually prescribe a topical rash cream, or a mild cleanser. Some vets also recommend Zinc Oxide creams (or diaper rash creams).

Do not let your Bulldog lick the infected area as it will cause to wrinkles to become moister.

How about you? What alternative ways do you use to clean Bulldog wrinkles?

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