Taking Care of Your Bulldog’s Teeth

Perhaps one of the most distinguishable feature of Bulldogs is their teeth. Although they look a bit different, taking care of your Bulldog’s teeth is still as important.

Your Bulldog’s teeth can accumulate tartar over time so they will need to be cleaned regularly. There are different ways to clean your Bulldog‘s teeth including:

  • Having them cleaned by a veterinarian,
  • Feeding him dental sticks,
  • Giving him chew toys,
  • Or brushing his teeth weekly.

In our opinion, the best way to keep Bulldog teeth clean is to brush them at least once a week.

How to Brush Your Bulldog’s Teeth

To brush your Bulldog’s teeth, start by touching and petting his muzzle slowly. It will help a lot if you have trained your Bulldog to stay still when he was younger. Proceed to lift your Bulldog’s muzzle and expose the gums and teeth. Give him a treat afterwards.

After a few hours, hold your Bulldog’s muzzle again and proceed to stroke his gums and teeth with your finger. Give your Bulldog a treat. If you think your Bulldog is used to having his teeth and gums stoked, then you may proceed to introduce him to doggie toothpaste and toothbrush. Let your Bulldog taste the doggie toothpaste. Make sure to condition his mind and reward him if he has a good reaction towards the toothpaste and toothbrush.

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Put a pea-sized amount of doggie toothpaste on the toothbrush. Then, slowly stroke the brush onto your Bulldog’s teeth gently but thoroughly. Do not forget to brush his back teeth. Brush your Bulldog’s teeth in circular strokes at a 45-degree angle. Do note forget to reward him with treats or pats on the head. Over time, your Bulldog will get used to this healthy yet very rewarding routing habit.

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