Teaching Your Bulldog the Look Command

Teaching your Bulldog the Look command helps you establish yourself as the leader. This motivates your Bulldog to focus on you and ignore distractions.

Calling your Bulldog’s name will get his attention quickly, but it may not be enough to keep his attention. By teaching your Bulldog the Look Command, you are teaching him the difference between merely looking at you and focusing on you. It’s like telling your Bulldog to put his game face on.

When teaching your Bulldog the Look Command, it is important to have treats and a clicker. Also, it’s best to look for a quiet room or area, in the beginning, to make sure Bulldog can focus on you.


Steps in Teaching Your Bulldog the Look Command

When teaching your Bulldog the Look Command, it will greatly help if he already knows his name. If your Bulldog already knows his name, you may follow these steps:

  • Call your Bulldog’s name followed by the word “Look”.
  • Give your Bulldog eye contact as soon as he looks at you, then click the clicker.
  • Give him a treat.
  • Repeat the steps for 5 to 10 times.
  • Rest for a few minutes and repeat the steps but omit his name from the command.

Do not forget to practice until your Bulldog finally obeys the Look Command.

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Teaching Your Bulldog the Look Command When He Still Does Not Know His Name

If your Bulldog is still young and he still does not know his name, you may still teach him the Look Command by doing the following steps:

  • Hold a treat in front of your Bulldog.
  • Hold the treat a few centimeters away from your face in an attempt to make him look at you.
  • Once your Bulldog looks at your face, say “Look”.
  • Click the clicker.
  • Reward your Bulldog with the treat.
  • Repeat these steps for a few more sessions until your Bulldog gets the command.


Level Up

Once you are confident with your Bulldog’s obedience and ability to obey the Look Command, you may start practicing in places where there are distractions. Just make sure that the place is secure – enclosed or fenced – to make sure your Bulldog does not run off when he gets distracted.

Also, remember that some dogs – especially puppies and rescue dogs – can get uncomfortable with prolonged eye contact so just start with only a few seconds of staring. Then, gradually increase the time of eye contact. You can break off the eye contact be telling your Bulldog “Okay” and looking away.


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