Teaching your Bulldog the Off Command

Teaching your Bulldog the Off command can be very helpful, especially when house training. Dogs do like jumping on random pieces of furniture, people, and whatever sturdy piece they can put their paws on. Even if your Bulldog pup does not display this issue right now, chances are he or she will get into it in the future.

3 Ways To Teach Your Bulldog the Off Command

Use the Sit Command

Before teaching your Bulldog the Off Command, it is important to teach her or him the Sit Command first. If your Bulldog knows how to do sit on command, then you can proceed.

  1. When your Bulldog tries to jump on you, turn around or take one step back.
  2. Say “off” quickly but firmly.
  3. Command your Bulldog to sit.
  4. Praise or reward your Bulldog if he or she obeys.

Teaching Your Bulldog the Off Command Using Your Knee

This way of teaching the Off Command may not be for everyone as this technique will require you to balance. If not done correctly, you and your Bulldog could get hurt. Nevertheless, this technique is an alternative way to teach your Bulldog the Off command especially if you are having trouble in succeeding in the other approaches.

  1. As your Bulldog positions himself to jump, raise the knee closest to him or her. Make sure to raise it just in time as raising it late can lead you to hurt your dog accidentally.
  2. Say “off” immediately. This technique can be uncomfortable for your Bulldog so he will most likely not do it again.

However, if you choose to this technique, it is very important to be very careful to avoid hurting yourself or your Bulldog.

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Use a Leash to Stop Your Bulldog from Jumping

For this technique you will need a leash and a harness. Do not attempt to try this method using a collar as the pulling may hurt your Bulldog’s neck. To teach your Bulldog the Off Command using this method, do the following:

  • Put a harness on your Bulldog and attach a leash on it.
  • Call your Bulldog’s attention so he or she is facing you.
  • Let go of the leash and let it lie on the floor.
  • Do an action or say a word that can make your Bulldog jump. (e.g. giving a treat, preparing meal, squeaking his toy, etc).
  • When your Bulldog tries to jump on you, immediately put your foot on the leash and say off.
  • Reward your Bulldog with a treat or praise.

Remember not to push your Bulldog with your hands when he jumps. Practice this method for days until your Bulldog finally learns the command fully.

Whether you choose to use the Sit Command, the leash, or your knee in teaching your Bulldog the Off Command, it is important to never push him or her with your hands. This action will only confuse your Bulldog and may lead him to think of it as encouragement. Also, remember to reward your Bulldog every time he gets its right.

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