Teaching Your Bulldog the Sit Command

Sit is perhaps the easiest command you can teach your Bulldog. The Sit Command is the most common trick owners ask their dogs, because it is the easiest to teach.

Teaching your Bulldog the Sit Command is considerably the first step into teaching your Bulldog good manners and stopping undesirable behavior.  There are different ways to teach your Bulldog to sit on command but we’ll teach your three ways to do it.

Make sure to do your initial training sessions in a quiet place, where there is no distraction. Prepare treats to award your Bulldog every time he does something right.

Training your Bulldog to sit from a standing position

This technique is the most common and easiest way to teach your Bulldog to sit on command.

  • Stand in front of your Bulldog – facing one another.
  • Show your Bulldog a treat and hold it near his nose.
  • Make sure the treat you are holding is far enough from your Bulldog, or else he might just end up snatching it.
  • Move it slowly above his head and say “Sit”. This way your Bulldog will look up and sit when he’s looking high enough.
  • Once he sits, praise him and give him the treat.
  • Practice a few more times.

Remember, practice makes perfect. It is necessary to repeat the process every now and then to make his brain realize that sitting on command is equal to receiving a treat. Repeat this technique until your Bulldog fully learns the command and treats are no longer needed for him to do the command

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Teaching your Bulldog to sit from a down position

This technique is somehow the opposite of the first one and is the least common way to teach dogs to sit on command. But since different dogs learn in different ways, we feel it’s necessary to include this method in the list. Here’s how to teach your Bulldog to sit from a down or lying position.

  • Just like the first method, face your Bulldog and show him a treat on your hand.
  • Put your hand and the treat a few inches away from his face.
  • Move the treat above your Bulldog’s head.
  • Since Bulldogs are Bulldogs and they will follow food wherever it goes, you Bulldog should get up from his lying down position and sit.
  • Praise your Bulldog quickly and give him his reward.

Again, practice makes perfect so training him as often and as consistently as you could should help him pick up the command and associate it with reward.


Saying the “Sit” Command as Soon as You See Your Bulldog Sitting

This another method you can use to teach your Bulldog to sit on command. This method is all about proper timing. All you have to do is say “Sit” just before your Bulldog positions himself to sit and give him a reward after. By doing this, your Bulldog will associate sitting with the command and the reward.

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