Teaching Your Bulldog the Wait Command

When teaching your Bulldog the Wait Command, it is important to be patient. Always train your Bulldog using positive reinforcement.

The Wait Command is useful in a variety of situations, especially if your Bulldog is excitable. Does your Bulldog love food? Does he get overly-excited when he senses that you guys are going for a car ride or a walk? If your Bulldog does, then the Wait Command should help tone that excitement down. The command will help prevent any accidents that may come when your Bulldog is too excited,like dashing out the door and running towards the road.

By using the Wait Command, you are letting your Bulldog know that he will have what he wants, but not right away. Teaching your Bulldog the Wait Command is a must if you want your Bulldog to be reliable off-leash.

It is always important to remain composed and patient when teaching your Bulldog the Wait Command. Dogs find it hard to understand the need to wait and they often just live in the present moment. But as their owners and protectors, teaching them this important command will help keep them be safe from harm.

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Steps in Teaching your Bulldog the Wait Command

Before you begin, make sure that you deliver the command in a calm yet assertive tone.

  • Put a harness on your Bulldog and attach the leash to
  • Hold the end of the leash and walk your Bulldog towards the end an obstacle like a flight of stairs or a curb of a quiet street.
  • As you and your Bulldog approach the obstacle, say “Wait” in a calm but firm tone.
  • If your Bulldog stops and looks at you, praise him and give him a treat as he waits. But if your Bulldog continues to walk, repeat the command and say a firm “No, wait.” Repeat this until your Bulldog stops and looks at you.
  • When your Bulldog stops for a short time, say the word “OK” and carry on walking.

Make sure to continue teaching your Bulldog the Wait Command every now and then. Dogs may not immediately learn this command but with patience and dedication, your Bulldog will eventually pick it up. Remember, patience is a virtue.


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