Teaching Your Bulldog to Go Down On Command

Not only does teaching your Bulldog to go down on command establish your leadership, but it can also keep your Bulldog safe.

Teaching your Bulldog to go down on command can be very useful if he or she has a tendency to dash off into the street, get overly excited or display dominant behavior. Aside from mellowing down the tendency to become dominant, teaching your Bulldog the down command can also help shy and fearful dogs to calm down.


Things to Use When Teaching Your Bulldog to Go Down on Command

To teach your Bulldog this amazing command, you will need a body harness, a leash, and treats. You will also have to find a quiet area where the training will take place – ideally in a room where there is little to no foot traffic.

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Teaching Your Bulldog To Go Down On Command

To teach your Bulldog to go down on command, follow these steps:

  • Put a body harness on your Bulldog and attach a leash to
  • Hold the end of the leash.
  • Command your Bulldog to Sit and give him a reward.
  • Say “Down” while guiding your Bulldog’s body to the correct position using a treat. To do this, slightly pull the leash down while luring your Bulldog’s face down using the treat.
  • If your Bulldog does not comply, use a little encouragement by gently pulling his front legs forward. Place a little pressure on the shoulder blade until your Bulldog voluntarily goes to a “Down” position.
  • Reward your Bulldog with a treat and praise.
  • Repeat steps 3 to 6 for 10 to 15 times for the next couple of training sessions.

When your Bulldog is used to going down on command, you can eventually ask him to do so without giving him treats. You may also try to teach your Bulldog to go down on command from a different position.

Take It Up a Notch

When your Bulldog knows how to go down on command and does it about 90% of the time, then you may try to take the training up a notch. Hold your training sessions in busy places like the park, your yard, or the pet store. Just make sure to attach a leash to his body harness to make sure he does not dash off.

Have your Bulldog stay “down” for about 5 seconds, and then move up to 10 seconds, and 15 seconds – then gradually making him stay down for longer periods of time. As your Bulldog improves his focus and obedience, you may teach your Bulldog to go down on command have other people create distractions (e. g like tossing a ball nearby or opening a bag treat). By doing this, you are testing your Bulldog’s focus and ability to obey commands despite distractions around him. If he is successful in staying down, do not forget to give him a treat.

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