This Bulldog Is Such A Heavy-Sleeper He Can Balance Food Over His Chin While Sleeping!

Watch as this Bulldog balances food on his chin while he sleeps! Each dog has his own talent but this one has taken it to another level– he does tricks while he sleeps!

This Bulldog is such a heavy-sleeper he can balance food over his chin while sleeping!

Bulldog balances food on his chin while he sleeps

This roly-poly dog’s name Big Chunky Monkey — or Monkey for short.

Like most Bulldog’s he’s a notorious sleeper but what he lacks in activity, he makes up for his talents — talents we aren’t sure he knows about.

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In this video, you’ll see Monkey sleeping with his belly up. His owners then stacks a tower of cheeseburgers on top of his chin. If that’s not enough, the amused owner also put fries on his flews.

Even that much weight and tasty smell isn’t enough for this cutie to wake up and gobble them all.

What a funny Bulldog!

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