Training Your Bulldog Puppy To Pee Outside

Training your Bulldog puppy to pee outside is important if you want to live a fuss-free life with him. Your Bulldog can probably get away with anything considering how cute and goofy he is. Still, we bet you would not want to mop the floors every now and stink up the whole house so in this post, we’ll share a few tips in training your Bulldog puppy to pee outside!

Training Your Bulldog Puppy To Pee Outside

Photo: Mina Magnos Campos


How often do puppies go potty?

First things first. Knowing how often puppies pee or poop is essential in training your Bulldog puppy to pee or poop outside. Puppies have small bladders and that means they have to pee more often than adults. Depending on their age, Bulldog puppies need to relieve themselves every 2 to 3 hours and yes, this means you’ll need to take your little precious Bulldog outside several times a day.

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What are the signs your Bulldog is going to pee?

Both young pups and adult dogs feel the urge to pee and poop after their meal. But since young puppies need to go more often, this means they will need to go out in between those times.

When your Bulldog puppy is about to pee, he may show the followingsigns:

  • Sniffing the floor continuously,
  • Trotting around,
  • Going around in circles as if he’s trying to find something.

The signs mentioned above can happen in just seconds so keep an eye on your Bulldog’s actions. However, some puppies do not show signs as they do not feel that sensation until they grow bigger and older.

Is there any reason why a Bulldog may refuse to pee or poop outside?

Yes, there are different reasons why a Bulldog refuses to relieve himself outside. It could be because of fear, preference or the weather.


Tips in Training Your Bulldog Puppy to Pee Outside

To train your Bulldog puppy to pee outside, you will need to go with him and give him company outside. Puppies can get scared of being alone. Besides, when they do pee and poop, they feel very vulnerable so leaving him alone on him may just cause him to run back and scratch up your door in an attempt to go back inside. He might get stolen, too.

By keeping your Bulldog company, you are assuring him that you have his back – making him feel at ease as he learns to relieve himself outside.

Do not get mad if your Bulldog takes a long time getting used to the feeling outside. After he does his business, wait for another 10 to 15 minutes to make sure he has let it all out.

Your Bulldog may also refuse to go out when it’s cold outside so training him to pee on a designated rug or potty trainer can be useful.

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