Why Do Bulldogs Drool?

We love Bulldogs the way they are – their looks and peculiarities included. But why do Bulldogs drool?

If there’s anything Bulldogs are known for – aside from farting – it’s their slobber. And it can get pretty sticky.


Why do Bulldogs drool?

Bulldogs drool mainly because of genetics – particularly the form of their skull.

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Photo: paolaylima/Instagram

Check your Bulldog’s bite and see how your dog’s lips rest. The lack of seal in a Bulldog’s bite is mainly – and usually—caused by their under-bite. And of course, when your dog’s mouth is not closed totally, it’s only natural for their saliva to roll down their chin.

The Bulldog’s flews, or the upper lip that hang down their chins, make the meal times and drinking moments a slobbery affair.


On what occasions do Bulldogs drool?

Not all Bulldogs don’t just walk about and drool all day but most of them do after doing some things that stimulate being slobbery and here are some:

  • After walk – Some Bulldogs tend to drool after walks. It is important to consider the time you take your Bully to walk.
  • Before eating – You may notice your Bulldog drooling before meal time – like when you prepare his food bowl or when you take his treat bag. Your Bulldog drools in anticipation of the food and with the form of his bite, his saliva is sure to roll down his chin.
  • After drinking and eating – Bulldogs cannot really help but drool and spill saliva all over the floor after eating and especially after drinking. It’s their mouths and there’s nothing they can do about it.
  • It’s too hot – Along with panting, Bulldogs can scatter saliva whenever they’re tired or feeling hot.

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How to stop my Bulldog from drooling?

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Photo: sboarato/Instagram

You can’t. You can’t stop your Bulldog from drooling totally but there are ways to minimize it and prevent slobber from getting on to your furniture and here are some:

  • Tie a bandanna around your Bulldog’s neck to help catch his saliva;
  • Prepare towels or anything to wipe off your Bulldog’s slobber peak times like eating and drinking;
  • Cool your Bulldog down;
  • Get your Bulldog some chew toys to soak up some excess slobber.


Should I be concerned if my Bulldog drools so much?

Slobbering and the production of saliva is actually healthy for digestion. While it is pretty normal for Bulldogs to drool, excessive drooling is something to be concerned about and here are some of its causes:

  • Decaying tooth or a fractured one;
  • Consumption of something toxic such as chocolates, grapes, or poison;
  • Object stuck in dog’s mouth or teeth;
  • Rabies;
  • Liver problems and more.

The drool and slobber are parts of owning a Bulldog. While it’s a bit messy to deal with, we believe it’s part of the Bulldog charm!

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