Why Do Dogs Dig? Is Your Bulldog A Digger?

Some dogs – if not all – love to dig. It’s an instinct they got from their ancestors, which they do in different situations. So why do dogs dig?

Why Do Dogs Dig

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Dogs Dig to Make a Den

This behavior is something they inherited from their ancestors who dig dens to keep their youngsters in. Wolves built dens to raise their youngsters in and protect them from extreme temperatures and predators.


Your Bulldog Digs Because He Wants To Make His Spot Comfortable

You might have noticed your Bulldog dig his bedding and circle before resting. Ancient dogs often dig holes in either cool or warm areas – depending on the climate in the area they’re in. Dogs also dig to make their resting areas comfortable; or try to get warm or cool.


Your Bulldog digs because he wants to have fun

Let’s face it: Bulldogs oddly love digging and frolicking in the mud. It’s an activity in which they can have fun and cool down at the same time!


Dogs Dig To Bury Their Valued ‘Properties’

Sometimes dogs dig to bury something important for them like food and toys. This behavior was passed down to them by their ancestors. By digging and burying food, the ancient dogs managed to survive – concealing it under dirt and save it for later.

This behavior has also been seen in modern day dogs, who sometimes bury their food and toys under carpets, piles of laundry, and blankets.


Dogs Dig To Hunt Smaller Animals

There are some dog breeds – like Dachshunds – that are bred to flush out small animals living underground. These dogs have a strong desire to dog and hunt small prey like badgers, rabbits, moles, and more. If a dog senses an animal underground, he may start digging relentlessly to catch that animal.

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