Why Does My Bulldog Stare At Me When He Poops?

Some Bulldogs do stare at their owners when they do a number 2. If you have one who does, you are probably wondering: Why does my Bulldog stare at me when he poops?

The truth is there is no concrete answer.Different dogs stare when they poop for various reasons and here’s what dog behavior experts think:

Your Bulldog stares are you when he poops because he is asking for your approval

Dogs love pleasing their humans, and it is very likely that your Bulldog stares at you when he poops to get your approval. Your Bulldog hates displeasing you. Do you recall the times when you had to tell him off when he cowers down to poop in the hallway? Your Bulldog most likely does not wish to be told off again, so he’s probably looking at you to see that he is not relieving himself in the wrong places again.

Your Bulldog Is Staring at You When He Poops Because He Wants a Reward

If you trained your Bulldog to poop outdoors using a reward, chances are he is staring at you when he poops because he is looking forward to getting one.

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Your Bulldog stares at you while he poops because he wants to feel secure

Curving down to poop is a vulnerable position for dogs so your Bulldog might be staring at you when he has to go because he is seeking for security and assurance. Your Bulldog probably wants to know that you are there – watching him and keeping potential enemies away. Experts believe that this is an instinct dogs inherited from their wolf ancestors thousands of years ago.

Your Bulldog probably stares at you to make sure you “got his back”. And perhaps this is also one of the reasons he follows you to the bathroom. You know to let you know he got yours, too!


Your Bulldog stares at you while he poops because he wants privacy

Are you sure your Bulldog is the one who’s staring and not you? You may not notice it because you’re mind is probably too focused on your Bulldog and his pooping session, but perhaps it is you who is staring at your Bulldog and he just happens to catch you staring at him. This may then proceed to a staring game, but your Bulldog wishes you’ll look away while saying “Privacy please” in his head!

So, why do you think your Bulldog stares at you when he poops?

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